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Analysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved - 1547 Words

Toni Morrison’s Beloved extends beyond a description of individuals held captive by their past through the exploration of human responses to slavery. The manipulation of language and its controlled absence reinforces the mental enslavement that persists after individuals are freed from physical bondage. It is when language is amplified into song that an individual or community may free themselves from the constraints of mental enslavement, therefore enabling their ability to claim ownership of themselves and the existence of a future and progress. Despite the great physical abuses present in Beloved, the power white individuals exert over language is the main mechanism employed to preserve the institution of slavery. The enforced removal of language is readily apparent in devices such as the iron tongue. The preclusion of speech instills a â€Å"wildness where before there wasn’t any† (71) in victims of the bit by demoting the individual to a lower stage of physical development, while cognitive maturity is retained. Although the bit is a physical violation, it is the complete restriction of language that incites such â€Å"wildness†. Sethe is able to bear the chokecherry tree on her back because it is a physical manifestation of power. The mindset created by the lack of access to words, however, binds the African American community to slavery. The function of language as a force that preserves slavery is augmented through the use of slaves to produce the manipulated words. Not only doShow MoreRelatedAnalys is Of Morrison s Beloved, By Toni Morrison Essay941 Words   |  4 PagesMorrison and Twain each present freed slave mothers as self-sacrificing. Each woman s traumatic experiences as slaves create a deep fear of her children s enslavement. In Morrison s Beloved, Sethe is so distressed by her past; she murders her child to save her from slavery. Morrison uses Sethe s drastic sacrifice to comment on slavery s psychological effects. Meanwhile, Twain s Pudd n Head Wilson portrays Roxy as a sacrificial mother to create sympathy for black people. From a culturalRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved1458 Words   |  6 Pagesinequality between races, classes, and genders. Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved is a story that truly shows how oppressive slavery was during the setting of the book. Similarly to the inequality faced during the time of slavery, while Morrison was writing the her novel the issue of women’s equality was present, and being fought for. Morrison, t hrough Beloved, is able to show the world her views on inequality, and how it is still present in life today. Morrison is African American, she was born into a familyRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved1615 Words   |  7 PagesIn her novel Beloved, Toni Morrison utilizes a circular narrative to emphasize the similarities, or lack thereof, between her characters. In Philip Page’s article, â€Å"Circularity in Toni Morrison’s Beloved,† he writes, â€Å"The plot is developed through repetition and variation of one or more core-images in overlapping waves... And it is developed through... the spiraling reiteration of larger, mythical acts such as birth, death, rebirth, quest-journeys, and the formation and disintegration of families†Read MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved1200 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"We’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on (Sirius Black) †. Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved dedicates her novel to the 60 million and more exposed to the darkness within the people set out to hurt them. The novel depicts how cruelty leads ex-slaves to make irrational decisions and shape the people they are at the end . The cruelty inflicted on one including but not limited to slavery causes a chain reaction of hatred, pain and suffering and theRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved943 Words   |  4 Pages It is within human nature to fear that which we do not understand. In Toni Morrison’s Beloved, this idea is explored through the lens of racial discrimination. In this passage, Morrison uses animal imagery as a means to criticize the whites’ dehumanization and subsequent fear of the blacks. With a focus on this inherent, primal fear, this section stresses the novel’s theme of the â€Å"Other† and reinforces the existence of racial prejudice. While this piece of the narrative emphasizes that this â€Å"othering†Read MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved1323 Words   |  6 PagesToni Morrison’s Beloved is a masterwork of fiction that allows the reader to have many different experiences based on the novels that you pair the book with. When you read Beloved in a modernist light you get a story with slightly different themes then if you read it through a feminist lens. It is a credit to Morrison that her thoughtfully crafted piece of art is a ble to stand on it own in so many varying ideas. One of the lens that doesn’t get discussed enough is the lens of African AmericanRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved1200 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"We’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on (Sirius Black) †. Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved dedicates her novel to the 60 million and more exposed to the darkness within the people set out to hurt them. The novel depicts how cruelty leads ex-slaves to make irrational decisions and shape the people they are at the end . The cruelty inflicted on one including but not limited to slavery causes a chain reaction of hatred, pain and suffering and the cycleRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved871 Words   |  4 Pagesvery important motif in both Morrison and Faulkner’s stories. In Beloved, the reader is presented with a sad and depressed portrait of Sethe. Her life seems dark and bleak. However , once Beloved enters into her life, the reader sees an apparent shift in Sethe as a character. She begins to see color again, and it is Beloved who brings about this sudden transformation (Beloved, 65). And in the end, after Beloved has left, Sethe states, â€Å"She was my best thing† (321). Beloved was her redeeming quality,Read MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved 702 Words   |  3 PagesWilliams 2 period Book by: Toni Morrison Book Titled: Beloved Beloved is about a lady they call Sethe who lives in Bluestone with her daughter Denver and her mother in law Baby Suggs. Fifteen years before the story starts, Sethe kills her baby because she was trying to keep her kids from being brought into slavery. The community knew about her killing her baby and judges her. Her sons Buglar and Howard left fifth teen years before the book started. After Baby Sugg s died, Denver and Sethe are aloneRead MoreAnalysis Of Toni Morrison s Beloved 1310 Words   |  6 Pages Mommy Issues: A â€Å"Beloved† Response Essay Late in 1987, after being inspired by a fellow story of a female fugitive slave, Toni Morrison pens a novel about a runaway slave and her children. Although Morrison’s â€Å"Beloved† quickly became a best-seller, and even has a movie adaption, it still left the audience with many unanswered questions. This novel not only gave a voice to those who were often silenced in the male stories of slavery, but it also perfectly exemplified the relationship was between

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Is Google Making Us Stupid - 1040 Words

Author Nicholas Carr poses the question â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† This has set off a debate on the effects the internet is having on our brains. Obviously the internet is here to stay, but is it making us scatterbrained? Are we losing the ability to think deeply? Criticism of the Web most often questions whether we are becoming more superficial and scattered in our thinking. In the July-August 2008 Atlantic magazine, Nicholas Carr published Is Google Making Us Stupid? ( Like other critics, he sees change as a loss and not as a gain. The benefits of the internet are real and they are plentiful, but Nicholas Carr says they come at a price. Nicholas Carr is an important voice today in†¦show more content†¦[But now] I see within us all (myself included) there placement of complex inner density with a new kind of self-evolving under the pressure of information overload and the technology of the instantly available. As an advocate for technology in higher education, I have heard similar warnings for years. Indeed, some who read Carr’s article may believe that he has hit the nail on the head. There is no question that our habits are changing. The Web has captured our attention and is now the default starting point for almost all work. The Web is different in almost all aspects from a book. Printed books have contained the essential truths of humanity for half a millennium. The Web is where we look for knowledgeShow MoreRelatedIs Google Making Us Stupid?1240 Words   |  5 Pagesone idea to be represented in many different ways. Both Nicholas Carr’s article â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† and M.T Anderson’s novel Feed, the broad idea of the relationship between humans and technology is portrayed. Carr’s article complains of how technology changes the way we think. Carr instigates the idea that we are losing our passion for learning as a result of the internet and search engines such as Google. These advancements, Carr proposes, lead to a world where our intelligence â€Å"flattensRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid1140 Words   |  5 PagesIs Google Making Us Stupid In the Atlantic Magazine, Nicholas Carr wrote an article, â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† Carr poses a good question about how the internet has affected our brain, by remapping the neural circuitry and reprogramming our memory. Carr states, â€Å"My mind isn’t going—so far as I can tell-but it’s changing. I’m not thinking the say way I used to think.† Carr went on farther, saying that he cannot read as long as he used to, his concentration starts to wonder after two or threeRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid?920 Words   |  4 Pagesa different perspective than that of Manuel Castells. In â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† Carr believes the Internet has taken the foundation out of learning, socializing and reading. Coupled with Manuel Castells, Nicholas Carr agrees that the Internet has been of good use in some cases (Wikipedia for the many hours of research conducted for its database that we access) but he also believes the Internet is slowly making him and us stupid. Carr says â€Å"My mind now expects to take in information the wayRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid?1548 Words   |  7 Pagesindependent will and creative imagination. These gives us the ultimate human freedom†¦. The power to choose, to respond, to change (Independence Quotes. Brainy Quote. Xplore. Web. 16 Nov. 2015.).† The Declaration of In dependence allows people to do whatever they please as long as it’s within the law, but Google is restraining what people can really do. It may not seem that a search engine can limit people, but one needs to think about the many things Google consists of that doesn’t allow people to chooseRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid?1048 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Is Google making us stupid? Three authors weigh in One of the most common clichÃÆ' ©s is that the Internet has robbed us of our attention spans and impeded our ability to communicate effectively. Once we could write properly, now we only text. Google has made us lazy in terms of how we research and access data. However, is this true? In three major news publications, three major essayists have grappled with this question and come to completely different conclusions. Although the neurological evidenceRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid?879 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican writer, Nicholas G. Carr, in The Atlantic July/ August 2008 Issue titled â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† argues that the amount of time we spend online, especially google, has caused us to lose our minds by â€Å"tinkering† with our brains, â€Å"reprograming our memory,† and changing the way in which we process information. Carr’s purpose is to contribute to the idea that â€Å"Google† along with other online tools, is programi ng us to be less attentive and to the inhibition of our critical thinking skills. GuidedRead More`` Is Google Making Us Stupid?1384 Words   |  6 Pagestechnology is changing the way we access information; anything is accessible in mere seconds. This implementation has resulted in the most aware society of all time. Most information is just a quick and simple Google search away. An article, written by Nicholas Carr â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid? â€Å" in a 2008 issue for The Atlantic magazine, questioned the negative cognitive effects of the world wide web. Carr recognizes how much we rely on the internet and believes that humanity needs reform. AccordingRead More`` Is Google Making Us Stupid?1505 Words   |  7 Pagescritically inspect both the positive and negative effects technology can have on development and cognition and all assert that technology is not as daunting as some make it out to be. However, some opinion based pieces such as Nicholas Carr’s â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† conclude that we should be apprehensive about technology advancing. The differences in outlook towards digital technology s future effect on the mind can best be seen in how authors view technology as a source of distraction, hypertextRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid?733 Words   |  3 Pages Nicholas Carrs article, â€Å"Is Google Making Us Stupid?† makes points that I agree with, although I find his sources to be questionable. The article discusses the effects that the Internet may be having on our ability to focus, the difference in knowledge that we now have, and our reliance on the Internet. The points that are made throughout Carrs article are very thought provoking but his sources make them seem invaluable. Carr discusses the effects that the Internet has on our minds and the wayRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid894 Words   |  4 PagesIn his essay, â€Å"Is Google Making us Stupid,† Nicholas Carr addresses the fears that many people share about the World Wide Web: that it is rerouting our brains, making it difficult to concentrate effectively. Carr uses personal experiences about his loss of concentration that has become more evident after using the internet. Rather than reading texts in-depth, our brains have become accustomed to skimming over information. Carr’s view on technology is that by relying on knowledge that we are being

Riots- Rough notes Free Essays

Riots were a series of riots, looting’s, arson and civil disturbances that occurred in Los Angels on April 29th 1992, lasting 6 days through to May 5th. They were triggered by the acquittal of police officers in a trial regarding a videotaped police brutality incident. 4 police officers were caught on amateur video beating an unarmed African- American motorist-Rodney King. We will write a custom essay sample on Riots- Rough notes or any similar topic only for you Order Now The case was taken to trial and the four (white police officers) were acquitted of any wrong doing (by a 12 person Jury: 10 whites and no African Americans). The Rodney King Incident TLD only trigger the most destructive US call disturbance f the 20th century It created outrage In the press and It triggered a national debate on police brutality. In one way the riots did what hip hop had been trying to do for years, particularly since 1 988 with the birth of gangs rap – make the America which existed outside of the Ghetto’s see what was really going on. According to the California Economic Development Department between April 1 992 and April 1 992 108,00 local Jobs vanished- Black and Latino communities were hard hit with a combined 29. 7 % in poverty and more than 13% unemployed. In depressed South Central only 45% of African-American males were employed African-Americans have by far the lowest rate of two-parent families in Southern California â€Å"Gangs are never going’ to die out. You all going’ to get us Jobs? 016-year-old Grape Street Crisp -quoted In Mike Davis (historian) book City of Quartz Bloods and Crisp are the two mall gangs In LA at the time Black gangs Bloods (Red) Crisp (Blue) very territorial, street violence, drive by shootings, violent nature, Influenced youth local youth were bored with nothing to do drugs, guns, cars etc the local demographic leading up to and during the riots was ripe for civil unrest Juvenile and adult arrest rates- analyzing this source: reliable, police released these were a ngry and acting out, there was no doubt that there was a violent crime nature brewing in LA â€Å"What we have is people sick of the police and that’s when you have a revolution in your hands† -Ice Cube Why were people sick of the police ? People were angry with the actions they took in order to deal with gang violence in LA: one of the main factors in the growing anger amongst communities particular black and Latino ones was the constant racial profiling and targeting of black and Hispanic youths ? by the LAPPED. Operation Hammer for example was an initiative employed by the LAPPED in order to crack down on gang violence. Their aim was to arrest and incarcerate â€Å"suspected gang members† before they could commit a crime. What this objective led to was mass arrests of youths becoming common and as a consequence a large number of those arrested were never charged ? leaving many personally victimized by the police force ? greater number of hostility towards the police. *Complaints against police brutality increased by 33% in the period of 1984 and 1989 but only 1% of those complaints were ever followed up. In 1982 for example following a rash of LAPPED ‘chuckhole killings of young black men in custody Chief Gates advanced the theory that the deaths were the faults of the victims’ racial anatomy and not excessive police force and I quote † We may be finding that in some Blacks when the chuckhole is applied the veins or arteries do not open up as fast as they do on normal people. † Many statements like these were constantly made in the media e. G â€Å"Tonight we pick ‘me up for anything and everything. OLAP spokesman (9 April 1988)† â€Å"l think people believe that the only strategy we have is to put a lot of police officers n the street and harass people and make arrests for inconsequential kinds of things. Well, that’s part of the strategy, no question about it. Chief Gate† The use of the phrases â€Å"normal people†, tonight we pick them up for anything, Harass people etc is inflammatory in a society which is already deeply affected by issues of poverty, lack of education, lack of Jobs, broken families and prejudice. White perspective ? the general perspective of the white community LA TIMES: Thank you very much for the interview with Police Chief Daryl Gates and County Sheriff Sherman Block. You gave them a fair chance to explain crime and gangs. Much too often the media make these two important law-enforcement gentlemen out as being callous and insensitive to the community’s needs. Fortunately, we got to see the real side to these heroes who are trying to protect us as best they can. JASON M. NONSOCIAL Glendale proud of the policing strategies they implemented saw the gang culture as an epidemic Chief Gates saw the Rodney King verdict as wrong because the police officers â€Å"stepped out of line† but in an interview still tried to defend them, giving them Monnet to beating Rodney King up Sick and tired of gang bangers ( to put it simply) Saw gangs rap as a threat to the youth: they wanted to shut them up Worked with the government and publicly criticized groups like N. W. A tried to arrest as many as they could they were scared of â€Å"the hood† they believed that there were a few corrupt individuals in the LAPPED but the whole LAPPED wasn’t corrupted but why and what was the effect ? The police perspective generally was a reaction to what the community were saying and feeling (white particularly and sometimes other aces), people were scared to sit on dining tables in case they would get shot. While it gave a sense of protection (â€Å"protect and serve†) to some parts of the communities, others felt victims, the LAPPED insisted they were not racist, Just careful. The perspective of black youths was represented through the art form of gangs rap ? a voice for the voiceless. Police brutality is clearly a common theme throughout many gangs rap songs, the actions of police led to a lot of resentment towards police as seen in the song â€Å"Buck that Police† ?Analyses a few lyrics from songs and family detachment. Buck that police† ? first indicator of low education -derogatory label is used on themselves- maybe that’s the point (Amiga) -constant references to the police ? the broken relationship between the communities and police â€Å"Authority to kill a minority’ ? not literally kill but destroy the foundations of their culture (police brutality ? people are angry) -the whole last part of the song links back to Operation Hammer ? why it made people angry (searching people because they were black, prejudices etc) Buck that police in particular was the theme song for the riots as the lyrics spoke to he people-resonating with what they were feeling Gangs rap artists like Ice- T and NNW, saw themselves as street reporters most of the situations in their rap is secondary accounts of things, personae taken on and it’s hardly personal situations It neither glorifies nor says â€Å"it’s k† for these things to be happening but then from a black perspective- is what the LAPPED doing k ? 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Marketing Baskin-Robbins free essay sample

Amul is the biggest brand in the pouched milk sector in the world and in India it is the biggest food brand. It was set up in 1946 and its full form is Anand Milk- producers Union Ltd. The Brand Amul is a movement in dairy cooperative in India. The management of the brand name is done by the Gujarat Co- operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF which is a cooperative organization. Amuls range of products includes milk, ghee, milk powders, curd, ice cream, paneer, cream, chocolate, cheese, butter, and shrikhand. Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March, 1996 in Gujarat. Now we have decided we will launch Amul Ice-Cream in Bangladesh which will include fat free ice cream and ice cream with different flavors. Amul ice cream will launch on the platform of ‘Real Milk’. ‘Real Ice Cream’ given that it is a milk company and the wholesomeness of its products gives it a competitive advantage. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing Baskin-Robbins or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page BUSINESS PROFILE: A business profile is a marketing document designed to catch the attention of and inform potential purchaser about the company’s goods and services. AMUL has the largest distribution network among any FMCG company. AMUL is also the largest exporter of dairy products in the country. AMUL is available today in over 40 countries of the world. MISSION: Mission statement is a statement of the organization’s purpose and describes that what the organization wants to accomplish in the large environment. In other words it is a statement that spells out that what the company is, what it does and where is it headed. Amul is aimed to create an opportunity for its customers with variety of ice-creams and different taste of ice-creams. Its mission is to be the first ice-cream for the ice-cream lovers and to create the top position. Vision: Vision statement is a general statement of less intended direction that evokes emotional feeling in organizational members. It believes that within the next three years it will grow into a demanding ice-cream in BANGLADESH through careful business planning and implementation. The vision trigger will emphasize the premium quality of its products. OBJECTIVE: Our initial objective is to create awareness among 60% customers within 6 months. We will aware those customers who are conscious about their health. Customers can differentiate Amul from other competitors in terms of Service product quality, Dedication andVariety. Quality Service: We consider quality to be the cornerstone of our future success. Our production departments will be responsible for ensuring quality. Their objectives will be to make sure that product: Satisfy consumers’ needs. Can be produced cost efficiently. Operate in the way they should. Confirm to safety standards set by the legislations and independent b odies. Dedication: Our dedicated staffs set Amul from other similar businesses. Our company is dedicated towards the society, suppliers, consumers and employees. Our workers believe that every thing they do or don’t affect the customers. Variety: Amul offers a wide range of ice-cream suiting our customers’ needs and wants. We are planning to make fat free ice-creams. Current Market Share: Business Portfolio : The collection of business and products that make up the company. The company must: Analyze its current business portfolio and decide which business should receive more, less or no investment. Develop growth strategies for adding new products or business to the portfolio Bread spreads : Amul Butter Amul Lite Low Fat Bread spread Amul Cooking Butter Delicious Margarine Milk Powders: Amul Full Cream Milk Powder Amulya Dairy Whitener Amul Mithaimate Sweets : Amul Mithaee Khoya Gulabjamaun Amul Basundi Amul Taaza Toned Milk 3% fat Amul Gold Full Cream Milk 6% fat Amul Slim Trim Double Toned Milk 1. 5% fat Amul Saathi Skimmed Milk 0% fat Amul Cow Milk Curd Product: Amul Masti Dahi (fresh curd) Amul Lite Dahi Amul Lassee Amul ice cream Amul Chocolate Confectionery: Amul Fruit Nut Milk Drink Amul Kool Flavoured Milk (Mango, Strawberry, Saffron, Cardamom, Rose, Chocolate, Butterscotch) Amul Kool Cafe Amul Kool Koko Health Beverage Amul Shakti White Milk Food Strategic Business Unit: A unit of the company that has a separate mission objectives and that can be planned independently from other company business. A SBU can be a company division, a product line within a division or sometimes a single product or brand. BCG Matrix: The use of quantified performance measures and targets can be illustrated by an approach developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). BCG, a nationally known management consulting firm, advises its client to locate the position of each of its SBU’s on a growth share matrix. BCG Matrix for SBU’s of AMUL Stars: It has high growth, high market share. Stars are leader in business. They also require heavy investment to maintain its larger market share. It leads to large amount of cash consumption cash generation. Attempts should be made to hold the market share otherwise the star will become a cash cows. Cash Cows: It has low growth, high market share. They are foundation of the company often the stars of yesterday. They generate more cash than required. They extract the profits by investing as little cash as possible. They are located in an industry that is mature, not growing or declining. Dogs: It has low growth, low market share. Dogs are cash traps, it do not have potential to bring in much cash. Number of dogs in the company should be minimized. Business is situated at a declining stage. Question marks: It has high growth, low market share. Most business starts with question marks. They will absorb great amount of cash if the market share remains unchanged. Question marks have potential to become stars and eventually cash cows but can also become a dogs. Investment should be higher for question mark. Amul ice cream is the most promising question mark SBU, which will eventually turn out to be a star, if investment is made on it. STARS Amul Butter Amul Tazza Amulya Dairy WhitnerQUESTION MARKS Amul Ice-Cream Amul Chocolate Amul Masti Dahi Mitha Mate CASH COWS Mozarella Cheese Amul Pizza Base Amul Tazza Fresh Milk DOGS Infant Milk Range Amul Shakti Nutramul Diversification: Diversification is the strategy for company growth starting up or acquiring business outside the company’s current products and markets. The goal of diversification is to reduce the risk in a portfolio. Diversification reduces both the upside and downside potential and allows for more consistent performance under a wide range of economic conditions. Amul’s Product Diversification: DairyNon DairyFresh milkVegetable OilMilk drinks desertSnacksBread SpreadInstant FoodCheese Products Diversification Strategies: Seeking unfamiliar products or markets or both in the pursuits of growth. Secrets of Amul’s Diversification Philosophy: Progressive addition of higher value products while maintaining the desired growth in existing products. Amul introduced products with consistent value addition but never left the core philosophy of â€Å"providing quality at a basic, affordable price†. Benefits of Diversification: Higher growth: Introducing new products to new segments according to consumer needs will lead to high market growth and economies of scale. Expansion of network: Wide network will help Amul products to reach maximum consumers. Advantages of each underline products Market segmentation: Market segmentation means, dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who have distinct needs, characteristics, or behavior and who might require separate products or marketing programs. Customer based market segmentation: As a part of marketing activities we have divided our market into different sections. Demographic segment (age and gender) Geographic segment Psychographic segment Industry based segmentation: We will provide our ice cream according to these segments. Restaurant Confectionary and retailers’ shop Coffee shops Targeting: Targeting is the process of evaluating each market segment’s attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter. By collecting information and by consulting with people we have chosen our desired segments. We have targeted kids and youth from age group people women from gender division, these two groups are from demographic segment. From geographic segment we have targeted Chittagong and Dhaka regions for distributing our ice cream to the target customers. We will offer fat free ice cream which is specially made for health conscious people; these people are fallen into psychographic segment. Positioning: Positioning is arranging for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumers. Amul ice cream is already very renowned in South Asian countries. People are accustomed with this product and are quite confident about its quality. Placing a product in that part of the market where it will receive a favorable reception compared to competing products. Low Priced Amul Ice Creams made Kwality Walls life hell. So Amul ice cream has a superior image in peoples mind than any other ice cream. Differentiation: It is actually differentiating the market offering to create superior customer value. To produce ice cream we use the major ingredient which is milk is supplied from our own dairy firm. So we ensure the best quality to our consumers, which differentiate our ice cream from other ice creams. Besides, we will try to make sure that people can get our product available at any quantity and size they want to consume. Marketing Mix : Marketing mix is the mix of controllable marketing variables that the firm uses to purse the desired level of sales in the target market, consists of four element product, pricing, channels of distribution (placement) and communication (promotion). A marketer who has selected a target market is able to plan a marketing mix to create successful exchanges with its members. Importance of Marketing Mix : The four marketing mix element are interrelated, decisions in one area affect action in another. To illustrate design of a marketing mix certainly affected by whether a firm chooses to complete on the basis of price on one or more other elements. When a firm relies on price as its primary competitive tool, the other elements must be designed to support aggressive pricing. Each marketing mix element contains countless alternatives. For instance, a producer may make market one product or many, and they may be related or unrelated to each others. The product(s) may be distributed through wholesalers, to retailers without the benefit of wholesalers, or even directly to final consumers. Ultimately, from the multitude of alternative, management must select a combination of elements that will satisfy target markets and achieve organizational and marketing goals. 4ps of Amul: Product : The actual good or service that a marketer offers a target market, also the many ways in which the good or service is enhanced to satisfy the customer. As we have mention before we will like to export Amul ice-cream to Bangladesh. It is non-durable consumer goods. We are looking forward to export sugar free ice-cream along with other regular ice-cream. The ice-cream like to exports are as follow: Amul Ice-cream : Vanilla Royale . Royal Treat Range : (butter scotch, rajbhag, malai kulfi) Nut-o- Mania Range : (Kaju draksh, kesar pista royale, fruit bonanza, raosted almpnd) Natures Treat : (Alphanso Mango, Fresh Litchi, Shahi Anjir, Fresh Strawberry, Black Currant, Fresh Pineapple. ) Sundae Range : (Chocobar, Dollies, Frostik, Ice-candies, Tricone, Choco-crunch, Mega bite, Cassatla. ) Utterly Delicious : (Vanila, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocochips, Cake Magic. ) Specialty of our product is that, we are providing our customers with a wide verity of choice. And we are the first ones to offer fat-free ice-cream in Bangladesh and which will give us competitive advantage. The sugar free ice-cream of Amul will be produce by their fat-free products like skimmed milk and sugar free. Price : The element of the marketing mix that consists of setting prices that support the organization’s marketing strategy. Amul is aiming to follow low cost strategy. In case of exporting, Amul ice-cream in Bangladesh we are planning to add a value of 15% after calculating our production and transportation cost. At the same time we are determine not to set the price much lower than the competitors price, because this might be hamper our brand image. In one word we can say that for setting the price of Amul ice-cream we will follow both cost based pricing and competitors based pricing. Place: Place is the element of the marketing mix that consists of getting the product to the target market so that it will be convenient to buy. As ice-cream is such a product who’s availability, we are planning to follow intensive distribution process for distributing ours product. But first we would export our product to some selected cities of Bangladesh, like Dhaka, Chittagong and Syhlet and if we get a good response then we would export it in other areas as well. Our distribution channel will be: Promotion : The element of the marketing mix that involves informing target markets, such as advertising , personal selling ,publicity , sales promotions etc. We will use certain promotional tools to promote our Product, which will be both profitable and effective to aware, the customer about the arrival of our product in Bangladesh. And as well as convince the customers to consume Amul Ice-cream. The Promotional tools that we will use are as follows: Advertisement : We will advertise our product firstly through television. Though it will be quite expensive, still it will be able to attract a huge number of people. Our second advertising media will be newspaper and magazines. It will be relatively cheaper but will be effective in influencing our consumers. The attractive packaging of our product will also be able to act as an impressive advertisement for our product. Sales Promotion : Sales Promotion means to boost up sales in a timely manner. We are planning to supply our product to different occasional programs at a relative low price, from our competitors, for the first six months since we enter the market of Bangladesh. Public Relation : Amul has conducted many programs in India like Voice of India, Chote Ustaad, Master Chef and a lot more which made us come closer to our consumers. We aim to conduct similar shows in Bangladesh to improve our brand image in the eyes of people. Competitors: Igloo: Abdul Monem Ltd (AML) is one of the largest and the most successful corporate houses in Bangladesh maintaining leadership position in all our business ventures. AML manufactures Igloo ice-creams, a Pioneer brand. Polar: Polar ice-cream manufactures the best value ice-cream using the highest quality ingredients. It is most popular range of ice-cream. It is a perfectly balanced recipe that is designed to give a ‘Full-Cream’ taste and texture. Movenpick: Movenpick Ice-cream is a brand of ice-cream of Swiss. Origin produced by the Nestle Corporation. Movenpick ice-cream is now available in more than 0 countries. Baskin Robbins: Baskin Robbins is a premium ice-cream! It is delicious and delightful for any occasion. Baskin Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice-cream, with shops in 33 countries. It is well known for its 31 flavor of hard ice-cream. But one of our advantages is that in Bangladesh there is no fat free ice-cream to give us competition. SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis is a simple framework for generating strategic alternatives from a situation analysis. It is applicable to either the corporate level or the business unit level and frequently appears in marketing plans. SWOT (sometimes referred to as TOWS) stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strength: It describes the resources and the skills that a company has acquired. What is the difference from the company? What can we improve? We provide products of high quality at low price. Annual Turnover of We have a highly diverse Product Mix. Weakness: Describes the factors in which a company has unfavorable position with regard to the competence, in order to make the internal analysis. Food items come with a short life. Alliances with third party. Opportunities: It describes the possible markets, business niches that can be seen by everyone, but if they are not recognized on time that would mean the loss of the competitive advantage. No competitors in the fat free sector of our Ice-Cream. Diversify product portfolio to enter new product categories. Threats: It describe the factors that can put in danger the survival of the organization, if they are recognized on time they can dodge or they can become opportunities. There are a huge number of competitors in terms of our regular Ice-Cream. Growing price of milk is increasing the production cost of our product. Key to Success: Quality: We will maintain the most possible superior quality for our product. Goodwill: In India the goodwill of Amul is at a high position. As we know, India is our neighboring country. So, we can easily use the goodwill Amul in Bangladesh and gain success within a short time. Value for money: Customer will get more than what they pay because we will keep service fair and provide the best that we can. Service: We provide high quality ice-cream . Because we think about the quality rather than the quantity and we will provide proper service to the customers. Technology: We will innovative technology. And we will use that technology which will reduce cost of production. Availability: Will make sure that Amul ice-cream will become available in most of the retail shops of Bangladesh. So that consumers can easily acquire it. Health Consciousness: Now-a-days people think a lot about their health and figure. High cholesterol act as a threat to our physic. Amul fat free ice-cream will allows the consumer to the advantage of enjoying ice-cream is threat raising their cholesterol. Conclusion: After all the research finally we hope that we will be able to successfully launch our product along with a good strategy for selling it. We will try our best to efficiently fulfill our customers’ expectation with our high quality product, within a given period of time. Our aim is to produce cheaper goods that fit the conditions of the country in which we are starting our business and the needs of the people. Contribution Chart: Name IDPart Asma Alam0931019Introduction, Company profile, Mission, Vision, Objective, Current market share. Syeda Kauser Farid0931016Business portfolio, Identify SBU, Diversification. Nahid Hasina Sarwar0931026Market segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Differentiation. Sazzad Hasan0931043Marketing Mix, Importance and Developing of Marketing Mix. Sumyra Mamun Chy0931047SWOT analysis, Key to success, Competitors, Conclusion

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Why Burning Money Is Illegal in the United States

Why Burning Money Is Illegal in the United States If you have money to burn, congratulations- but youd better not actually set fire to a pile of cash. Burning money is illegal in the United States and is  punishable by up to 10 years in prison, not to mention fines. (More fun facts: Its also illegal to tear a dollar bill and even flatten a penny  under the weight of a locomotive on the railroad tracks.) The laws making defacing and debasing currency a crime have their roots in the federal governments use of precious metals to mint coins. Criminals were known to file down or cut off portions of those coins and keep the slivers for themselves while spending the altered currency. The odds of being prosecuted under the federal laws that making burning money or defacing coins, however, are fairly slim. First, coins now contain very little precious metals. Second, defacing printed currency in an act of protest is often compared to burning the American flag. That is to say, burning money may be considered protected speech under the U.S. Constitutions First Amendment. What the Law Says About Burning Money The section of federal law that makes tearing up or burning money a crime is  Title 18, Section 333, which was passed in 1948 and reads: Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both. What the Law Says About Mutilating Coins The section of federal law that makes mutilating coins a crime is Title 18, Section 331, which reads: Whoever fraudulently alters, defaces, mutilates, impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens any of the coins coined at the mints of the United States, or any foreign coins which are by law made current or are in actual use or circulation as money within the United States; or whoever fraudulently possesses, passes, utters, publishes, or sells, or attempts to pass, utter, publish, or sell, or brings into the United States, any such coin, knowing the same to be altered, defaced, mutilated, impaired, diminished, falsified, scaled, or lightened shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. A separate section of Title 18 makes it illegal to debase coins minted by the U.S. government, meaning to shave some of the metal off and make the money less valuable. That crime is punishable by fines and up to 10 years in prison. Prosecutions Are Rare for Mutilating Currency Its pretty rare for someone to be arrested and charged with defiling or debased U.S. currency. Even those penny press machines found at arcades and some seashore attractions are in compliance with the law because theyre used to create souvenirs and not to debase or shave metal off the coin for profit or fraud. Perhaps the highest profile case of currency mutilation dates to 1963. An 18-year-old U.S. Marine named Ronald Lee Foster was convicted of whittling away the edges of pennies and spending the 1 cent coins as dimes in vending machines. Foster had been sentenced to a year of probation and $20, but more seriously the conviction prevented him from being able to get a gun license. Foster made national news in 2010 when President Barack Obama pardoned him.

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All About Common Chinese Punctuation Marks

All About Common Chinese Punctuation Marks Chinese punctuation marks are used to organize and clarify written Chinese. Chinese punctuation marks are similar in function to English punctuation marks but sometimes differ in the form or look. All Chinese characters are written to a uniform size, and this size also extends to punctuation marks, so Chinese punctuation marks usually take up more space than their English counterparts. Chinese characters can be written either vertically or horizontally, so the Chinese punctuation marks change position depending on the direction of the text. For example, parentheses and quotation marks are rotated 90 degrees when written vertically, and the full stop mark is placed below and to the right of the last character when written vertically. Common Chinese Punctuation Marks Here are the most commonly used Chinese punctuation marks: Full Stop The Chinese full stop is a small circle that takes the space of one Chinese character. The Mandarin name of the full stop is Ã¥  ¥Ã¨â„¢Å¸/Ã¥  ¥Ã¥  · (jà ¹ ho). It is used at the end of a simple or complex sentence, as in these examples: è «â€¹Ã¤ ½  Ã¥ ¹ «Ã¦Ë†â€˜Ã¨ ² ·Ã¤ ¸â‚¬Ã¤ » ½Ã¥   ±Ã§ ´â„¢Ã£â‚¬â€šÃ¨ ¯ ·Ã¤ ½  Ã¥ ¸ ®Ã¦Ë†â€˜Ã¤ ¹ °Ã¤ ¸â‚¬Ã¤ » ½Ã¦Å  ¥Ã§ º ¸Ã£â‚¬â€šQÇ ng nÇ  bÄ ng wÇ’ mÇŽi yÄ « fà ¨n bozhÇ .Please help me buy a newspaper.é ¯ ¨Ã© ­Å¡Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã§  ¸Ã© ¡Å¾Ã¤ ¸ Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã© ­Å¡Ã© ¡Å¾Ã¨ â„¢Ã¨   Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã§  ¸Ã© ¡Å¾Ã¤ ¸ Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã© ³ ¥Ã© ¡Å¾Ã£â‚¬â€šÃ© ² ¸Ã© ± ¼Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã¥â€¦ ½Ã§ ± »Ã¤ ¸ Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã© ± ¼Ã§ ± »Ã¨ â„¢Ã¨   Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã¥â€¦ ½Ã§ ± »Ã¤ ¸ Ã¦Ëœ ¯Ã© ¸Å¸Ã§ ± »Ã£â‚¬â€šJÄ «ngyà º shà ¬ shà ²u là ¨i, bà ºshà ¬ yà º là ¨i; biÄ nfà º shà ¬ shà ²u là ¨i, bà ºshà ¬ niÇŽo là ¨i.Whales are mammals, not fish; bats are mammals, not birds. Comma The Mandarin name of the Chinese comma is é€â€"號/é€â€"Ã¥  · (dà ²u ho). It is the same as the English comma, except it takes the space of one full character and is positioned in the middle of the line. It is used to separate clauses within a sentence, and to indicate pauses. Here are some examples: Ã¥ ¦â€šÃ¦Å¾Å"é ¢ ±Ã© ¢ ¨Ã¤ ¸ Ã¤ ¾â€ Ã¦Ë†â€˜Ã¥â‚¬â€˜Ã¥ ° ±Ã¥â€¡ ºÃ¥Å"‹æâ€"…è ¡Å'。å ¦â€šÃ¦Å¾Å"Ã¥  °Ã© £Å½Ã¤ ¸ Ã¦  ¥Ã¦Ë†â€˜Ã¤ » ¬Ã¥ ° ±Ã¥â€¡ ºÃ¥â€º ½Ã¦â€"…è ¡Å'。Rà ºguÇ’ tifÄ“ng bà ¹ li, wÇ’men jià ¹ chÃ… « guà ³ lÇšxà ­ng.If the typhoon does not come, we will take a trip abroad.ç  ¾Ã¥Å" ¨Ã§Å¡â€žÃ©â€º »Ã¨â€¦ ¦Ã§Å"Ÿæ˜ ¯Ã§â€ž ¡Ã¦â€°â‚¬Ã¤ ¸ Ã¨Æ' ½Ã£â‚¬â€šÃ§Å½ °Ã¥Å" ¨Ã§Å¡â€žÃ§â€ µÃ¨â€žâ€˜Ã§Å"Ÿæ˜ ¯Ã¦â€"  Ã¦â€°â‚¬Ã¤ ¸ Ã¨Æ' ½Ã£â‚¬â€šXinzi de dinnÇŽo, zhÄ“nshà ¬ wà º suÇ’ bà ¹ nà ©ng.Modern computers, they are truly essential. Enumeration Comma The enumeration comma is used to separate list items. It is a short dash going from top left to bottom right. The Mandarin name of the enumeration comma is é  â€œÃ¨â„¢Å¸/é ¡ ¿Ã¥  · (dà ¹n ho). The difference between the enumeration comma and the regular comma can be seen in the following example: Ã¥â€"Å"〠Ã¦â‚¬â€™Ã£â‚¬ Ã¥â€œâ‚¬Ã£â‚¬ Ã¦ ¨â€šÃ£â‚¬ Ã¦â€žâ€ºÃ£â‚¬ Ã¦Æ' ¡Ã£â‚¬ Ã¦ ¬ ²Ã¥  «Ã¥ Å¡Ã¤ ¸Æ'æÆ'…。åâ€"Å"〠Ã¦â‚¬â€™Ã£â‚¬ Ã¥â€œâ‚¬Ã£â‚¬ Ã¤ ¹ Ã£â‚¬ Ã§Ë† ±Ã£â‚¬ Ã¦  ¶Ã£â‚¬ Ã¦ ¬ ²Ã¥  «Ã¥ Å¡Ã¤ ¸Æ'æÆ'…。XÇ , nà ¹, Ä i, là ¨, i, à ¨, yà ¹, jiozuà ² qÄ « qà ­ng.Happiness, anger, sadness, joy, love, hate, and desire are known as the seven passions. Colon, Semicolon, Question Mark, and the Exclamation Mark These four Chinese punctuation marks are the same as their English counterparts and have the same usage as in English. Their names are as follows: Colon冒號/冒å  · (mo ho) - Semicolon - 分號/分å  · (fÄ“nho) - Question Mark - å• Ã¨â„¢Å¸/éâ€" ®Ã¥  · (wà ¨nho) - Exclamation Mark - é ©Å¡Ã¥Ëœâ€ Ã¨â„¢Å¸/æÆ'Šå  ¹Ã¥  · (jÄ «ng tn ho) - Quotation Marks Quotation marks are called Ã¥ ¼â€¢Ã¨â„¢Å¸/Ã¥ ¼â€¢Ã¥  · (yÇ n ho) in Mandarin Chinese. There are both single and double quote marks, with the double quotes used within the single quotes: ã€Å'...『...〠...〠 Western-style quotation marks are used in simplified Chinese, but traditional Chinese uses the symbols as shown above. They are used for quoted speech, emphasis and sometimes for proper nouns and titles. è€ Ã¥ ¸ «Ã¨ ª ªÃ£â‚¬Å'ä ½  Ã¥â‚¬â€˜Ã¨ ¦ Ã¨ ¨ËœÃ¤ ½  Ã¥Å"‹çˆ ¶Ã¨ ª ªÃ§Å¡â€žÃ£â‚¬Å½Ã© â€™Ã¥ ¹ ´Ã¨ ¦ Ã§ «â€¹Ã¥ ¿â€"Ã¥ Å¡Ã¥ ¤ §Ã¤ ºâ€¹Ã¤ ¸ Ã¨ ¦ Ã¥ Å¡Ã¥ ¤ §Ã¥ ®ËœÃ£â‚¬ Ã©â‚¬â„¢Ã¥  ¥Ã¨ © ±Ã£â‚¬â€šÃ£â‚¬ Ã¨â‚¬ Ã¥ ¸Ë†Ã¨ ¯ ´Ã¢â‚¬Å"ä ½  Ã¤ » ¬Ã¨ ¦ Ã¨ ® °Ã¤ ½  å› ½Ã§Ë† ¶Ã¨ ¯ ´Ã§Å¡â€žÃ¢â‚¬ËœÃ© â€™Ã¥ ¹ ´Ã¨ ¦ Ã§ «â€¹Ã¥ ¿â€"Ã¥ Å¡Ã¥ ¤ §Ã¤ ºâ€¹Ã¤ ¸ Ã¨ ¦ Ã¥ Å¡Ã¥ ¤ §Ã¥ ®ËœÃ¢â‚¬â„¢Ã¨ ¿â„¢Ã¥  ¥Ã¨ ¯ Ã£â‚¬â€šÃ¢â‚¬ LÇŽoshÄ « shuÃ… : â€Å"NÇ men yo jà ¬zhu Guà ³fà ¹ shuÃ…  de ‘qÄ «ngnin yo là ¬ zhà ¬ zuà ² dshà ¬, bà ¹yo zuà ² d guÄ n’ zhà ¨ jà ¹ hu.†The teacher said: â€Å"You must remember the words of Sun Yat-sen - ‘Youth should be committed to do big things, not to make big government.’

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The U.S. Military Fighting Forces in World War II (European vs Research Paper

The U.S. Military Fighting Forces in World War II (European vs. Pacific Theaters) - Research Paper Example However, some of the technological differences made the United States more superior than most of their enemies. Furthermore, despite the disunity in the American military forces, the military of such countries as Japan, which was the strongest force in the eastern bloc, also exhibited such severe disunity thus contributing to the American victory. 1) Geographic and Environmental Conditions (i.e., effecting the style of warfare) Climatic condition played important role in earning America the victory in the war, with an effective knowledge of the pacific climate in summer, the American forces prepared adequately with appropriate attire and carried drugs and mosquito nets to cushion the soldiers from the adverse weather in the continental region. The warm and humid climatic condition of the pacific in summer presented several challenges to the Japanese who did not have adequate information of the climatic condition in the pacific region. The humid condition hastened the pace of metallic . The Japanese did not prepare for such radical ramifications and therefore lost most of their artillery as they rusted fast thus proved inefficient. Additionally, more Japanese soldiers died of rom such tropical diseases as malaria, which they had not prepared effectively for. The warm and humid climate in the region required light attire a feature that the American forces had learnt of thus leaving their Japanese counterparts ill dressed for the combat thus the ensuing inconveniences in the battlefields. The jungle environment in the pacific required specific tactic of warfare, the American formed small patrols hat would maneuver through the jungle more efficiently often relying on the efficient backup owing to the efficient communication among the small troops. Additionally, the American soldiers relied on the marines after they learnt that the terrain would not permit large military formations. American and Japanese soldiers would therefore run into each other unannounced in the ir daily patrols thus resulting in open warfare. The military combat with the infantry and artillery type of fighting this implied that fighting was at close range requiring the use of effective weaponry. 2) Type of Enemy (i.e., German's vs. Japanese soldier & tactics used); The American success in the war portrayed that the country invested a lot of resources in understanding their enemies. Information is often key in military since it helps formulate both the offenses and defenses. With the adequate information about the enemy, the American government often employed the best tactics in either attacking or resisting the advances of the enemy. Technological advancement in the war was important in the ending the war. America had to prove technological advancement in order to end the war. The eastern bloc had a renewed determination to foster the war but their evident technological inferiority influenced their decision to stop fighting. The nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki pr oved to the eastern forces that the United States had the best military technology and could annihilate their population thus influencing their decision to end the spirited fight. The Germans also proved greater